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The Creative Creatives


“Mood” is the culmination of years of coincidence. It combines the specialities of two passionate and innovative friends who genuinely enjoy making memories for others. This business is a labor of love, and they truly love what they do.

We believe in the richness of moments and their lingering impression. A “Mood” is more than just the visual aesthetic of an event, it’s the feeling of joy that lasts long after the day has passed. It’s also the joy of the process. Every detail, including the planning process itself, should be enjoyable and a celebration.

Our vision is to curate luxurious experiences that embody the “Mood” and personality of each client, culminating in an unforgettable event. Our team is like a family, and they make each guest feel an extension of that comfort.

Sierra is a design genius who's imagination knows no limits. She has the ability to take an idea, a concept or even just a "look", and transform it into a reality far exceeding expectations. She's great at translating someone's style and personality into design details that capture their essence. Her creations are unique, but always very personal. Needless to say, she is our Creative Director.

Danielle started her career in the Hospitality industry almost accidentally. She needed a job and event companies were hiring. That job became a passion and that passion led to expertise. She now has years of experience in the industry coordinating and managing a wide variety of events. From backyard weddings to large corporate events to charities for both the mayor and governor, as well as many other influential Atlantans. Now she is bringing her organizational skills and logistics knowledge to events more close to home as our Event Operations Manager.

Thank you so much for everything. It was PERFECT. More than I envisioned. I was on cloud 9 the whole weekend, and everyone who attended felt the same. The communication process when booking was smooth and the execution was excellent! My expectations were far exceeded in the final product. It was out of this world awesome. Looking forward to booking another.

Brianna B.

How Did We Do?

Setting the "Mood" matters more to us than anything else. We want your experience as our clients to be as enjoyable as your event. We genuinely appreciate hearing whether we achieved that for you, or how we could do it better.

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